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SOC Sense  Wireless Sensor Nodes Overview

Wireless Sensor Applications
Wireless sensors are now extremely low cost and getting cheaper by the day.  Although we've been supplying IMU Dataloggers for several years the time has come for a new integrated approach to wireless sensor applications that include IMU applications.   So we designed a Simple Open and Capable (SOC) wireless sensor network able to meet a wide range of sensing applications called SOC Sense.  The first two we focused on were Full Body Motion Capture (BodySense) and Real Time Finger Tracking (HandSense).  Both applications use a combination of three different of sensor node families called Nano, Pico and Femto.  There are other applications for these sensors in the home, office, factory, agriculture and industrial automation

Nano and Pico nodes have a variety of processor and sensor combinations while Femto sensors add additional sensing methods to enhance the other two families.  Nanos are both a desktop communication hub and development platform while Picos are mobile, battery powered and wireless sensor processing platforms.  For more information on the SOC Sense Product Family download the SOC Sense Product Overview.

BodySense is our new inertial full motion body capture system that is capable of capturing a persons motion (arms, torso, head and legs) using fifteen or more Pico sensor nodes and wirelessly transmitting that information back to the desktop or store it locally.  The system is extendable to more than one person (team capture) and sensors (full hand/finger capture).  For more information download the BodySense Overview.


HandSense is a real time finger tracking system that captures the orientation and motion of all fifteen digits of the hand along with hand orientation.  This information is wirelessly transmitted back to a recording device (desktop, laptop, tablet) or recorded locally.  The system uses fifteen 6DOF sensors to measure each fingers mistral, distal and proximal digit.  The hand (palm) is also tracked using a 10DOF sensor mix.  For more information download the HandSense Overview.


Wireless Sensor Nodes - Nano, Pico and Femto
There are three family of wireless sensor nodes.  Nano and Pico have dedicated processors while Femto is a sensor only device.  For a summary of the differences between the three product families download Differences Summary Overview.


Nano Wireless Sensor Nodes
Nano sensor nodes are designed to connect the desktop to Pico sensors and provide a development platform option.  They are low cost and available with a number of processor options and development tool chains.  Download the Nano Family Overview for more technical information.


Pico Wireless Sensor Nodes
Pico sensor nodes are the heart of SOC Sense.  They are available in a range of processor and sensor configuration to meet a range of applications in motion sensing and environmental monitoring.  All Picos have a dedicated processor, USB interface, LiPo charging circuit, wireless interface port and OLED display port.  Download the Pico Family Overview for more technical information.


Femto Sensors
Femto sensors are individual sensors that measure 3, 6 and 9 DOF motion and light.  These sensors communicate via I2C and are satellite sensor to Pico and Nano sensor nodes.  Download the Femto Family Overview for more technical information.

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