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Actuators  Motion Control     GStep Desktop    IMU Datalogger      Sensors

The  Linear Actuator family consists of modular components made up of end plates, carriage plates,  carriage top plates, motor mounts, flexible couplers, steel shafts, lead screws and thrust nuts.  All the mounting and end plates are made from T6061 Aluminum.  Shafts are steel and available in various lengths.  These components can be mixed to create linear actuators of different lengths and load capacities.  Linear actuators are available assembled or as individual components.


.Motion Control
The Motion Control product family includes breakout controllers, smart controllers, drivers and peripherals ranging from single axis to six axis configurations.  The smart controllers run several embedded G Code control applications such as GStep, grbl (open source) and tinyg (open source).


GStep Desktop
The GStep desktop is a new Motion Control application providing the interface between the user and the motion controllers.


IMU DataLoggers
The IMU DataLoggers is a family of 9 and 10 Degree of Freedom sensor platforms that provide a comprehensive set of logging features.


The sensor product family includes rotary and linear sensors along with a new class of smart limit switch.


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