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GenZ  6-Axis 3.5A Embedded G Code Stepper Motor Controller with Quadrature Input
   GenZ Technical Manual  
Description: 6-Axis 5A Bipolar Stepper Motor controller/driver with USB 2.0 and Ethernet, limit switch inputs, aux outputs and four bipolar stepper drivers
Price: GenZ $295.00
Click on photos to enlarge Dimensions: 3.85x3.00 in

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The GenZ is a 6-axis bipolar 3.5A or 5A per phase stepper motor controller/driver combination.  The GenZ accepts five limit switch inputs and has four auxiliary open collector outputs.  The bipolar stepper motor driver based on the popular TB6560 or TB6600 driver.  Driver modules are daughtercards.  Each of the six drivers can be individually configured by software to selects step, decay  and torque mode

GenZ runs GStep (6-axis G Code controller), GStepH (linear or rotary hexapod controller), GRBL (3-axis open source) or tinyg (6-axis G Code controller with jerk compensation).

    o  AVR32 AT32UC3C2512 processor
    o  2 ATxmega64A4U processors for quadrature input
    o  USB 2.0 Interface
    o  100BASET Ethernet Interface
    o  Bipolar Stepper Motor Controller
    o  3.5A/5A per phase continuous TB6560 or TB6600
    o  6-Axis X, Y, Z, A, B and C
    o  Wave, Half and 1/8th and 1/16th Microstepping
    o  Software selectable torque, decay and step mode
    o  Limit switch detection on each axis
    o  Stepper motor input voltage 7-35VDC
    o  Transient Voltage Suppression (TVS) on each driver output
    o  4 Open NPN outputs from Parallel Port
    o  Logic power supply 8-10VDC
    o  I2C TWI Communications Port
    o  Small form factor (3.85x3.00in)

Component Layout

GenZ is a high performance, 6-axis stepper motor controller designed to control a hexapod.  GenZ is powered either by the USB connection or the 24-36VDC stepper motor power input.  GenZ supports full quadrature feedback.

A desktop utility GStepD Hexapod sends control G Code to the control while simulating the hexapod motion on the desktop.

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