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GenY32  4-Axis 3.5A Embedded G Code Bipolar Stepper  Controller

The GenY32 is a 4-axis bipolar 3.5A per phase stepper motor controller/driver combination.  GenY32  routes a PC's parallel port to four bipolar stepper motor drivers (TB6560).  GenY32 accepts five limit switch inputs and has four auxiliary open collector outputs and 2 3A Power Mosfet outputs.   Each of the four TB6560 drivers can be individually configured with an onboard DIP switch that selects step, decay  and torque mode.  GenY32 is powered either by the USB connection or Stepper Motor power (12-32VDC).

A Mach3 Plug-in is available that allows Mach3 to drive GenY32 via the USB connection eliminating the need for a parallel port.  All four axis supported, jogging, limit state settings, etc.

A port of GRBL (open source G Code control software) to GenY32 is available for download.  It works well with GRBL Controller V3.6.1, JCNC and Universal G Code Sender.

    o  Bipolar Stepper Motor Controller
    o  AVR32 32bit AT32UC3C2512 Processor
    o  Mach3 Plugin support (connect via USB)
    o  GRBL 0.8c port available
    o  3.5A per phase continuous
    o  4-Axis X, Y, Z and A
    o  Wave, Half and 1/8th and 1/16th Microstepping
    o  DIP Switch selectable torque, decay and step mode
    o  Limit switch detection on each axis - routed to Parallel Port
    o  Stepper motor input voltage 7-35VDC
    o  Transient Voltage Suppression (TVS) on each driver output
    o  4 Open NPN outputs from Parallel Port
    o  2 3A 35V Power Mosfet outputs
    o  PC Parallel Port Interface
    o  I2C TWI Communications Port
    o  DFU Programming Port
    o  Small form factor (3.85x3.00in)

Component Layout

GenY32 is a smart G Code controller with both a parallel port for legacy interface support and a USB interface for next generation GUI's and Mach3 plugin support.    GenY32 is powered either by the Stepper Motor input power or USB connector. 

GenY32 is a four axis controller that routes step and direction signals from the DB25 connector to four individual inline connectors.  Five limit switch inputs, one for each axis and an eStop input are routed to DB25 connector inputs.  Each limit switch input is pulled high by a 10K ohm resistor.  An external limit switch is a normally open switch that closes when contacted by a carriage assembly pulling the limit switch input low.  The eStop input is also pulled high by a 10K ohm resistor so an external limit switch is typically open although a normally close switch can also be used.  Four open collector transistors energized by input from the DB25 can be used to control low current external relays. 

The onboard 32bit processor runs a embedded G Code application that supports both a conversational G Code mode and Mach3 plug-in.

The open source G Code control software GRBL 0.8c has been ported to GenY32 and available for download in our download section.  There are three ports: V1.00 was the original port which implements 3-axis control, uSD access and support for USART0 and 3, V1.01 added tandem mode (X and A axis linked), joystick support and jump to DFU bootloader,  V1.02 adds 4-axis control, CJ34b joystick and tandem operation (X and A axis linked).  Work on porting GRBL 0.9 is underway.

Software Tools
A desktop utility is available to test operation of the drivers via the parallel port.  The application is called GStepPP.exe and is available as a free download below.

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The following technical datasheets, hardware and software downloads are available.  

      GenY32 Technical Manual -      GenY32 Technical Reference Manual.pdf
      GenY32 V2.09 and Mach3 Plugin V0.99 -
      GenY32 V2.09 and Mach3 Plugin V0.99 -
      GenY32 GRBL Open Source Port V1.02 -
      GenY32 Test Utility GstepPP.exe (V0.98) -
      GenY32 Mach3 XML Configuration File -      GenY32 Mach3

Additional Information
  GenY32 Technical  Manual
Pricing - Availability
  GenY32        $145.95
The GenY32 is available as a standalone board.
 Product Codes:
      GenY                BUY

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