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GStepD Desktop
GStepD    Desktop G Code Sender Application for Windows    

   GStep Technical Reference

Description:  G Code Sender Application for Windows desktops.
  Price: GStepD    Free

GStepD is a Windows application based on opengl.  GStepD supports all SOC Robotics smart G Code controllers such as MK4FQ, GenY32, PiMotionM, PaellaM and PicoS running GStep, grbl or tinyg.  Menus allow complete configuration of the controller from the desktop.  Display panels can be moved, hidden and mimized.  GStepD is designed to handle up to six axis.

A 2.5D CAM function is built-in.  HPGL or DXF files can be read in and automatically converted to G Code using configuration menu settings.

G Code Path Viewer. 

G Code Text View

hpgl CAM functions

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