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Technical Manuals and Software Downloads

    Technical documentation includes Hardware Reference Manuals, User Guides, Datasheets and Application

    Software downloads include Application Programs for SOC Robotics products, example software for embedded
    products and desktop applications that communicate with SOC products.

    Several products use open source development tools.  Go to the respective web sites to download those tools.

    Download archive files here.

  Technical Documentation
  PDF      Technical Manual        

           AQ32 CooCox IDE USB CDC Example Template            
           CJ14 Technical Manual
           STM32F042 CooCox IDE USB CDC Example
           STM32F072 Discovery CooCox IDE USB CDC Example
           F3 Discovery CooCox IDE USB CDC Example
           F4 Discovery CooCox IDE USB CDC Example

           IMU6410 Technical Manual
           IMU6410 Data Logger V1.00 Release Notes
           IMU6420 Technical Manual
           IMU6420 Data Logger V1.00 Release Notes
           IMU8420 Technical Manual
           IMU8420 Data Logger V1.00 Release Notes
           IMU8420 Data Logger V1.03 Release Notes
           IMU GNUPLOT Application Note
           IMU MU6410/IMU6420/IMU8420 Differences

           GenX Technical Manual
           GenY32 Technical Manual
           GenY32 V2.08 Release Notes
           MC5 Technical Manual
           MK1 Technical Manual
           MK4 Technical Manual
           MK4c/MK4cp Technical Manual
           MK4 Base Mounting Plate
           MK4FQ Technical Brief
           MK5 Technical Manual
           MK5 Base Mounting Plate
           MM120 Technical Manual
           MM120 Release Notes V1.1
           MM130 Technical Manual
           MM160 Technical Manual
           MM165 Technical Manual
           MM165U Technical Manual
           MM166 Technical Manual
           MM220 Technical Manual
           MM220 Release Notes

           MS23SL Technical Manual
           SOC Sense Product Overview
           Difference Between Nano, Pico and Femto Sensors
           Pico Nano Expansion Port Pinouts
           Femto Sensors Overview
           Nano Sensor Nodes Overview
           Nano Overview
           NanoM Overview
           NanoMP Overview
           Paella Technical Brief
           PaellaM Technical Brief
           PiMotion Technical Brief
           Pico Sensor Nodes Overview
           PicoA Overview
           PicoB Overview
           PicoC Overview
           PicoD Overview
           PicoM Overview
           BodySense Overview
           HandSense Overview

           Quad3X Technical Manual
           Quad6X Technical Manual
           RP12 Technical Manual
           SmartLCD Release Notes V0.89
           SmartLCD Technical Manual
           SOCMill Reference Manual
           USB10 Technical Manual


Software Project Files
       ZIP            Software Project

                   AQ32 CooCox IDE USB CDC Example
                   USB10 AT90USB162 V1.05 Bootloader
                   GStepPP.exe V1.02 Motor Drive Utility
                   STM32F042  CooCox IDE USB CDC Example
                   STM32F072 Discovery CooCox IDE USB CDC Example
                   STM32F3XX Discovery CooCox IDE USB CDC Example
                   STM32F4XX Discovery CooCox IDE USB CDC Example
                   F3, F4, BeagleBone Black and PI Eagle CAD Expansion Headers

                   GenX GRBL (AVR Studio 6)
                   GenX Eagle CAD Schematics V1.0
                  GenX Fan Controller V1.0 (ATtiny45 AVR Studio 4.19)
                   GenX Marlin V10 (Arduino)
                   GenX Marlin V10 (Arduino) + Arduino 0023 (pre-configured project for Genx)
                   GenX Marlin V095 (AVR Studio 6)
                   GenX stk500v2 Bootloader
                   GenX GStep.hex
                   GenX XR21V1410 Windows Drivers

                 GenY32 Mach3 xml
                   GenY32 Mach3 Sherline xml
                   GenY32 GStep/Mach3 V2.08/V0.97 Plugin Release
                   GenY32 GStep V2.09.02/Mach3 V0.99.02 Installer
                   GenY32 GStep V2.09.023/Mach3 V1.01.010 Installer
                   GenY32 GStep V2.09/Mach3 V0.99 Installer (for XP)
                   GenY32 GRBL V1.02 4 Axis Source AVR Studio 6.2 Project
                  GenY32 GRBL V1.02b 4 Axis Source AVR Studio 6.2 Project

                   IMU64X0 V1.00 Data Logger (AVR Studio 4.19)
                   IMU6410 ATmega1284p stk500v2.02 Bootloader V1.02
                   IMU6420 ATmega1284p stk500v2.02 Bootloader V1.02
                   IMU8420 Data Logger V1.03b Release Package (pdfs + hex)
                       IMU8420 Data Logger V1.04c Source Code AVR Studio 6 Project (by request only)
                       IMU8420 Data Logger V1.04d Source Code AVR Studio 6.2 Project (by request only)
                     IMU8420 V1.04e Programming Files and Documentation Installer
                   IMU8420 Case Design Files (openSCAD)

                   Mach3 XML file for MC433/MK4
                   MC220 TinyG Port
                   MK4+MM120 Doc+Software
                   MK4+MM130 Doc+Software
                   MK4+MM220 Doc+Software

                   NanoMP07 CooCox V1.00 Project     

                   PaellaM04 CooCox V1.00 Project
                   PaellaM07 CooCox V1.00 Project
                   PaellaM30 CooCox V1.00 Project

                   PicoM04 CooCox V1.00 Project     

                   PicoM07 CooCox V1.01 Project

                   PIC Atmel inf Drivers
                   Pico Nano Eagle CAD Layout Templates
                   Quad3X Setup
                   Quad6X Setup
                   SmartLCD Controller Software V0.89
                   SOCMill Utility V1.15
                   USB10 MyUSB Ferret  V1.02
                   USB10-Wasp Programming Utility V1.00

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