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About SOC Robotics, Inc.

SOC Robotics is headquartered in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  Founded over ten years ago by Stephen Swift and Michael McCrodan the focus of the firm is to combine embedded electronics with electromechanical subsystems to create sophisticated robotic systems.  The firm has expanded its electronics offerings with technology and products in the embedded processor area using AVR32 and ARM7 processors to create embedded servers, motion control, smart sensors and data acquisition systems. 

The firm has been perfecting a new low cost Stuart Platform hexapod product.  Hexapods use six linear actuators (or rotary actuators) that enable six degree of freedom with three translation axis  (X, Y and Z) and three rotation axis (roll, pitch and yaw).  Two new controllers (GenZ and GenX32) convert standard G Code into the appropriate drives signals for the six legs.

The firm recently entered into a collaborative development project with Simon Fraser University to develop a new WeArable Lower Limb Anthropomorphic Exoskeleon (WALLAE) assistive walking technology combining Stuart Platform hexapods and Inertial Measurement Units to create a highly mobile walking platform.

The firm is also working on a next generation humanoid robot called Hexosapien that uses WALLAE technology to create a robot with motion approaching a humans.

The firm works closely with researchers at Simon Fraser University on next generation actuators (Hexapod Stewart Platform), IMU for real time limb positioning using 9 DOF and 10 DOF sensors and health sciences applications.

We recently relocated to larger offices one block from North Vancouver's beautiful Lonsdale Quay on the waterfront in a high technology incubator hub.  We now have access to laser cutters, 3D printers and a Raspberry PI development lab complementing our existing CNC milling and lathe machines.



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